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Medical Assistant Salary
A Medical Assistant earns an average wage of $13.64 per hour. XTotal Pay combines base annual salary or hourly wage, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions, overtime pay and other forms of cash earnings, as applicable for this job.

Medical Assistant Salary | Medical Assisting Salary
Medical Assistant Salaries for Certified vs. Non-Certified Medical Assistants. Medical assistants who worked in primary care settings reported an average salary of $15.19 per hour/$29,412 per year, while medical assistants in other medical and surgical specialty offices reported earning slightly less…

CNA Salary Guide | Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Facts
Here is a list of the average national salaries for other medical jobs: Personal Care Aides: $19,910. Medical Assistants: $29,370. The starting CNA salary per hour equates to about $8.90. As mentioned before, this will change from state to state and job to job.

How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make in Ohio? | eHow
Nation. Medical assistants earn a mean annual salary of $29,450 in the U.S. Their hourly wage averages $14.16. The west-northwestern nonmetropolitan area of Ohio has an average annual salary for medical assistants of $24,080, or $11.58 per hour.

Medical Assistant Salary – Find Medical Assistant Salary Information
The average salary for a medical assistant for each of these locations varies by less than $5 per hour, with the top city (Charleston) offering $14.58 per To date, there is less than a $10 difference in hourly wage between the lowest 10 percentile of medical assistants and those in the 90th percentile.

Medical Assistant Salary & Hourly Wage Statistics
Medical assistant salary and hourly wages are influenced by many factors. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2012, the average medical assistant salary is around $30,550 per year, while the average hourly wage is $14.69.

Medical Assistant Salary – Average Pay Per Hour 2012
Medical assistant salary reports are granting a reprieve to those looking to get a technical degree and immediately start working. The medical sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and boom, and given the economic downturn that many are experiencing…

Medical Office Assistant Salary | Median Hourly & Annual Data
Hourly. The average Medical Office Assistant salary is $14.12 per hour. The United Kingdom posts the median salary for a Certified Medical Assistant is ₤15,800 per year. This is roughly about $26,860 USD.

Medical Assistant Salary : Average , Hourly & Annual Pay
The non-certified can get as less as almost US $10 per hour. The experience of medical assistants also counts to determine their salary. Their average salary can be segregated in two heads, first the years that they have spent in this profession and the next is the nature of the job that they have…

Medical Administrative Assistant Salary & Education Guide
As of 2009, medical administrative assistants living in California earned the highest wages at $11.06 to $ 16.03 per hour. As compared to national average for overall jobs in Canada, the average salary for medical administrative assistant is lower.

Medical Assistant Salary, Highest Paid States and Employers
Medical Assistant's Salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for medical assistants in May 2011 was $30,170 per year or $14.51 per hour. The average salary for individuals in all healthcare support occupations, which includes all types of medical support workers…

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What is the Average Salary of a Medical Office Specialist?

Medical Assistant Salary and Job Outlook Information
Generally, the hourly wage for those with 0-2 years of experience is around $13.00 per hour, but increases to more than $17.00 an hour for By 2013, the average salary of the top-earning medical assistants was $35,500, plus benefits. Considering that the demand for medical assistants and the…

Salary: Medical Assistant | Glassdoor | $15.45 hourly
Medical Assistant Salary: $28,880(average). What does a Medical Assistant earn in your area? 3,686 Medical Assistant Salaries from anonymous employees. A Certified Medical Assistant in the Boston, MA Area area reported making $16 per hour. Job Highlights.

How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make an Hour? | Chron.com
Medical assistants employed by general hospitals averaged $14.91 per hour, and assistants working in the offices of physicians averaged $14.63 an hour. The Average Hourly Rate for a Medical Assistant. Salary Expectations for Medical Office Assistants.

Medical Assistant Salary: How Much Do Medical Assistants Make?
Medical assistant salary. There are five percentiles that define the pay scale of medical assistants. This means that 50 percent of MAs earn up to $13.99 per hour. Please note that a median is different from an average.

What is the Average Medical Assistant Salary? | Access 2 Knowledge
An average medical assistant salary is around $30,000 per year, but that Well, then you should know that starting salaries for medical assistants in the front office range from $12.00 to $15.00 per hour. In the back office, a starting medical assistant will earn between $14.00 and $18.00 hourly.

Medical Assistant Salary and Career Info | CareerBuilder
Salary information is calculated from job seeker profiles and job postings. Both hourly and yearly wages could be reported. A typical day for a medical assistant may include Insider Tips. The typical average wage for medical assistants is $13.50 per hour.

How Much do Medical Assistants Make? | Outstanding Colleges
Many medical assistants aren't employed full-time and they charge on an hourly basis. The average payment per hour in the field is 13 dollars. According to PayScale.com, the median annual salary for medical assistants is 40,652 Canadian dollars.

Medical Assistant Salary in Wyoming
The average annual medical assistant salary in Wyoming is $29,400. For an entry level Medical Assistant position, the hourly pay is $10.84 per hour. A senior Medical Assistant post can make an average of $17.56 per hour.

Average Medical Assistant Salary. Medical Assistant Salary Per Hour. www.youtube.com.

Medical Office Assistant Salary
The average hourly wages and yearly salaries for a medical office assistant are as follows: Less than 1 year of work experience: $8.42 – $13.83 per hour; $24,790 – $34,392 per year. Medical Office. Hourly Salary: $9.54 – $16.61 per hour.

Medical Assistant Salary Info
In the USA, for example, in May 2013, the (certified) medical assistant salary (per hour) was $14.80 on average, which is equivalent to a mean annual pay of $30,780 (these data are provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, on its official website: www.bls.gov).

What is the average salary of a medical assistant? | Reference.com
Is working as a medical assistant well-paid? What is the average salary of a physical therapy assistant? A: Interior designers make an average of $26.06 per hour, according to May 2013 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make?
A Medical Assisting Salary Survey in 2011 observed that, as this demand grows so will the hour, while those with 16 plus years of experience can expect to make up to $17.00 per hour, info more. In between 2002 and 2004, the average income of a medical assistant was approximately $25,000 a…

Medical assistant instructor salary
As far as hourly rat…es go, medical office assistants can earn $13.87 per hour. Indeed.com, on the other hand, forecasts a higher rate for medical assistants For an assistant medical examiner the average salary is between 120,000 to 140,000. Think about it, a medical examiner is an MD and…

Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona
Historical salary for Medical Assistants in Arizona. Average Medical Assistant Hourly Wage in Arizona. Top End Medical Assistant Earnings. The highest earning Medical Assistants in Arizona earn: $20.94 an hour. $43,550 per year.

Medical Assistant Salary – Healthcare Salary World
The average medical assistant hourly salary is $14.80. Medical assistant's annual income is rather low compared to many other healthcare professionals. Medical Assistant Salary: Quick Summary. 2013 Mean Salary. $30,780 per year $14.80 per hour.

PDF M edical assistants across the country
Approximately 97 percent of full-time medi-cal assistants are paid hourly, while roughly 3 percent are paid by annual salary. Full-time medical assis-tants holding a current CMA (AAMA) cer-tification earn an average of $15.77 per hour or an average annual salary of $30,186.

Medical assistant salary by state, job outlook
Average Salary Information The average salary of a medical assistant is $31,799 per year. Some even work in hospitals. Because of this, the pay rate ranges from about $9 to $18 per hour.

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